Measure how consumers emotionally react to your content.

Audience insights with the power of AI

Gather actionable feedback for your videos in minutes.

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💬 Actionable Feedback

What did people think about your video? What did they like and dislike? How could the video improve? Find out through feedback from your audience.





🤩 Emotional Appeal

Discover how your videos are emotionally connecting with your audience through a simple graph.





👀 Engagement

Highly engaging content is watched, shared and liked more than bland videos. Discover if your audience is engaged throughout your video.





👥 Panels

We have partnered with Cint to bring you quality panels for every demographic. With a reach of 50 Million consumers in 80+ countries, yeah we’ve got you covered.



“The technology of RefineAI helps us to better understand our consumers – and this has always been a key mission at Beiersdorf!”

— Dirk Ploss  |  Digital Technologies Scouting and Advisory, Beiersdorf


How it Works

Upload your video

To create a test, upload your video or link directly from YouTube.

Share with participants

Share your unique URL with your audience or panelists via email, social network or messenger of choice.

Review participant feedback

Receive qualitative, quantitative, emotion and engagement feedback from participants as they watch your video.



Our platform is free during the beta period.

Here’s what you get with Beta Access

5 Active Tests

50 Participant Spots per Test

Dashboard Access



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