RefineAI is currently free while in Beta. 




1 Video Campaign per month

Up to 1 Minute of video per Campaign

5 Participants per Campaign






10 Video Campaigns per month

Up to 10 minutes of video per Campaign

Up to 20 Participants per Campaign

Invite Collaborators (+ $99/mo each)

Premium Support




20 Video Campaigns per month

Up to 60 minutes of video per Campaign

Up to 50 Participants per Campaign

Unlimited Campaign Collaborators

DRM Encryption

Premium Support


All our plans include a 14 day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you measure?

We currently measure level of engagement, gender, ethnicity, age group as well as 7 emotions. These include Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Contempt. 

Have another metric you'd like to see? Contact us!

How accurate is it?

The current algorithm is trained with over 650,000 images and attains an accuracy of 78%.

We're continuously training our system, so the accuracy will increase over time.

Do you supply testers?

This really depends on what are the goals of your campaigns.

We can certainly help, drop us a line with your campaign link once you've created your campaign.


How secure is it?

All communication with RefineAI is over secure connections and analysis is performed in an encrypted environment.

Are you storing my content?

We only store customer email and credentials in an encrypted form. Video recordings are not stored on our platform.